The Black Kitchen Hardware Aesthetic You’re Missing Out On

black kitchen hardware aesthetic

Black is closely associated with sleekness and even a little luxury. It’s also a color that matches well with most, if not all, colors and materials.

Sporting an all-black or all-white kitchen could make your space dull and flat. But with a balance of colors—a few black accessories in an all-white kitchen or vice versa—your kitchen could be one of the highlights of your home. You can also experiment with different materials and finishes so that even if they’re the same in color, they’ll still give character to your kitchen.

Here are some kitchen accessories that you can change to black for your next kitchen upgrade. See how these small and simple remodels can take your space to the next level.

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Black Appliance Pulls

black appliance pulls

Image source: Unsplash

Cabinet handles are often not given enough importance when planning a kitchen renovation. Especially in modern kitchens that forego handles altogether, their aesthetic effects are easily forgotten.

Remember that if your cabinets are looking static or plain, handles are your best friend! Black handles will break off the monotony of your space while still keeping it modern and elegant. Just like in the image above, when you use black kitchen hardware as accent pieces, you can achieve that timeless look. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, black handles have the power to really elevate your space.

Appliance pulls are more low-key handles than knobs. If you don’t want to make such a loud statement with your kitchen handles, these are the way to go.

Add something like this Trinity Appliance Pull to keep your kitchen’s modern and minimalist aesthetic. If your kitchen has a traditional style or some elements of it, try this Trellis Appliance Pull for a simple upgrade that also makes a statement.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

Image source: Unsplash

Black kitchen cabinets are another way to go about achieving that sleek aesthetic for your home. You can choose to go with black cabinets for your whole kitchen. Just make sure to contrast these with a white countertop or kitchen island so that your kitchen wouldn’t look too dark.

Or you can also go with glass cabinets so that your kitchen wouldn’t look too rigid. Try a mixture of white and black cabinets. Maybe you’d even want to squeeze in a wooden cabinet here and there. These also help break off the dark blocks while still keeping your kitchen cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Should you decide to go with black cabinets, use gold or silver handles to introduce a fresh element. If you’ll only have a couple of black cabinets in your kitchen, you can probably get away with matching black handles to keep the aesthetic clean.

With Bradford Hardware’s wide selection of modern cabinet hardware, you’re sure to find a handle of your preference for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for modern cabinet knobs, try the Cadet Knob. It comes in different colors and finishes that will surely fit your aesthetic. For traditional cabinet knobs, try the Haydon Knob. It has an extra detail that fits traditional-style homes.

Looking for flat cabinet pulls? This Tab Edge Cabinet Pull would be perfect for you! It comes in different finishes, too,

To add a little pizzazz to your cabinets, check out this Quilted Cabinet Pull. Instead of the usual flat or cylindrical cabinet handles, this one gives you texture and dynamism in all its small glory.

If you want to try out some wooden handles for your kitchen cabinets, there’s also this Cape Wood Pull. Take it a step further with this Fuse Collection metal and wood pull that fits modern kitchens perfectly.

And the best part? You can also use these handles on other cabinets in your home to give it a unifying element despite being in different spaces.

Black Door Hardware

black door hardware

Image source: Bradford Hardware

Set the mood for your kitchen by using a black door handle. Before even stepping foot into your kitchen, a simple door handle could already give a preview of the vibe you have in your cooking area.

Have an open floor plan for your home? Don’t worry! You can always use a black door handle on your bedroom, bathroom, or front door—basically any door you have at home! Matching door handles throughout your home will also make it more cohesive. You can achieve the impression that your home has been well-planned down to the smallest details.

This Urban Modern Entry Set with Freestone Lever (as shown above) works for both modern and traditional homes. With its timeless design, it’s sure to fit any home’s aesthetic. It’s low-profile and yet so captivating at the same time.

Designing Your Kitchen

designing your kitchen

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Black is indeed beautiful, isn’t it? It’s also versatile enough to go with virtually any color and material you can think of. It’s not only for contrasting white kitchens but also for wooden ones. Or you can even mix these three for your kitchen and it will still look stunning.

Hardware like cabinet handles, pulls, and knobs tend to get neglected when renovating a home. But the devil is always in the details. It’s these small and seemingly minor elements that could make the most difference to your space.

Say, you might not even have to take down your walls just to improve the look and feel of your space. Sometimes, simply upgrading the small details is enough.

Again, here are some kitchen accessories that you might want to try changing to black for your next kitchen upgrade:

  • Appliance pulls like cabinet handles and knobs. These greatly help in making your kitchen more dynamic and less boring. They’re also really convenient to use.
  • Kitchen cabinets. Make a statement with black cabinets. Add some glass or white cabinets to make the space more refreshing while still getting that much-needed storage space for all your kitchen tools.
  • Door hardware. Whether it’s a knob or a handle, changing your door hardware throughout the house will give it a more finished look.