Canadian Home Decor Gone Luxury: 5 Designers to Watch

luxury canadian home decor

Home decor is an essential part of your home. It’s what gives life and character to an otherwise plain space. These seemingly minor details are what make your home all the more special. They allow you to make your space truly yours.

A lot of people wouldn’t put much thought into choosing, say, a cabinet pull or a doorknob for their home. As long as it works, right? But taking the time to pick out home decor that makes sense or that complements your space can make all the difference.

If we’re talking luxury home decor, here are the top 5 designers in Canada to help you take your space to the next level.

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Ged Kennett

ged kennett

Ged Kennett has been working with metals since 1995. His experience through the years has allowed him to refine the metalworking techniques that he uses to work on cabinet fittings. He taught himself and his team how to use various engineering equipment so that they could produce flawless handles and pulls.

Their designs are perfect for modern home aesthetics. Cabinet fittings from Ged Kennett are all sleek and minimalist. They have a wide range of fresh and contemporary designs from half-moon finger pulls to rectangular cabinet handles.

Their products also come in various finishes and colors. You’ll see smooth knobs with defined edges that scream luxury. For giving your space that extra but still low-key kick, go for the textured or curved pulls.

The best part about Ged Kennett’s cabinet fittings is that they can be used all throughout the home. Use them for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They also work for your wardrobe and even the small cabinets in your living room.

Belwith Keeler

belwith keeler

Image source: Belwith Keeler Instagram

Belwith Keeler is also a brand that specializes in cabinet hardware. The fact that they’ve been designing cabinet fittings since 1893 should be enough to tell you about the expertise that goes into every product.

Belwith Keeler closely follows the latest fashion trends and uses these as inspiration for designing their products. They lead trends in cabinet hardware and make sure that every design is perfect to the touch.

You can find a wide range of knob and pull designs from Belwith Keeler. They have t-knobs, cup pulls, monarch knobs, and ring pulls. All these come in different finishes and use different materials like metal, wood, glass, and marble.

With their plethora of cabinet hardware, you’ll surely find a design that fits your home’s aesthetic.

Armac Martin

armac martin

Image source: Armac Martin Instagram

Armac Martin has been designing luxury brass cabinet hardware since 1929. With more than 90 years of experience, each product is made in-house and expertly hand-finished by their team.

Their brass hardware is sure to add a touch of elegance to the cabinets you have at home. Whether you’re adding them to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, Armac Martin has a product that fits your interior home decor needs.

Aside from the usual knobs and pulls, they also have hinges and drop pulls that can are perfect for traditional home aesthetics. Their latches are great for when you want added security for your cabinets.

They even have flush pulls for when you need a handle but don’t want anything sticking out of your cabinets.

Apart from the cabinet hardware, Armac Martin also has brass shelf brackets for kitchens with an open-shelf setup. You can also use these brackets for the free-floating shelves in your bedroom or living room. They not only look good on your walls, but they also give you extra storage. And extra storage space is always good.

If you’re a fan of brass, Armac Martin is definitely the way to go.



Because home decor isn’t only about cabinet hardware, let’s move on to another feature in your home that’s also worth the upgrade—handrail brackets for your stairs.

Modern homes tend to have glass railings for their stairs. These help you achieve a seamless finish for your staircase while still keeping it safe and secure.

Componance specializes in elegant, modern, and architectural stair hardware. Their products look the best when mounted on glass. But they can also very much work as wall-mounted hardware.

Their brackets come in different combinations of white, black, wood, silver, and gold. The sleek finishes of their products definitely make any space more luxurious in an instant.

Choosing a design for your handrail may not seem to matter much, but it does. Check out the products of Componance and see for yourself just how much difference they make to your space.



Image source: Emtek Hardware Instagram

Another seemingly minor detail to pay attention to in your house is your door hardware. It’s understandable that the only expectations that people have for a door are that it opens and closes properly as well as keeps you secure.

But a door is more than just that. In terms of design, it’s just as important as any other element in your home. After all, it’s the first thing that greets you and your guests before you enter the house or any room in it.

Emtek has all kinds of door handles. Besides the traditional doorknobs, they also have levers to give your door a little extra something. You can go simple with a sleek lever or make a statement with a textured one.

Have a sliding door? No problem. Emtek also has flush pulls and other traditional door pulls you can use.

If you want added security for your home, they also have latches, bolts, and electronic deadbolts that fit any modern home aesthetic.

They also have other door accessories such as doorbells, door knockers, and floor stops. And finally, Emtek has mail slots and house numbers that are perfect for your exterior home decor.

Canadian Home Decor

canadian home decor

Image source: Unsplash

Home decor is more than just an “extra” to have. Incorporating these elements into your home design allows you to have a much better-looking space that you can confidently show off to your guests.

Take your time in choosing the exterior and interior decors to add to your home. And always remember that a little extra effort goes a long way.

Again, here are the top 5 Canadian home decor brands to watch this 2022:

  • Ged Kennett
  • Belwith Keeler
  • Armac Martin
  • Componance
  • Emtek

You can find all of these brands at Bradford Hardware. Check out our page for more home decor products that can improve your home. We’ve got interior home decors such as cabinet pulls and vanity mirrors as well as exterior home decors like house numbers and mailboxes.