Kitchens with No Uppers: Interior Design Win or Fail?

kitchen with no uppers

More and more people are investing in kitchen renovations since the pandemic started. Many homeowners are turning their kitchens into multifunctional spaces.

They’re leaning towards turning kitchen islands and counters into a makeshift home office or study area. And when the space feels too crowded, productivity and focus may be affected.

This is why people are starting to trade upper kitchen cabinets with windows to make the space brighter and less confining. Some don’t go as far as adding windows but they still make sure that the space would look more seamless and better flow.

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Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Innovations have come a long way from the usual upper kitchen cabinets that used to be present in every kitchen. Here are some of the kitchen cabinet trends that we’ve seen for the past couple of years.

Open Shelves

open shelves

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One of the kitchen cabinet trends that made waves is open shelving. They give your kitchen a nice finish.

Open shelves are great for displaying all that tableware and china you’ve had stored for years now. Having matching plates and bowls out in the open for people to see can add a lot of appeal to your kitchen.

Open shelves are also less stuffy to look at than closed cabinets. They’re perfect for both modern and contemporary homes, especially those going for the minimalist aesthetic. It also helps declutter your kitchen so that you only keep those that you need.

A single long shelf atop your kitchen wall tiles also makes your kitchen look elegant. You can put spices on this shelf to give your kitchen a pop of color. You could also place your cooking utensils or tableware on it for easy access.

Hanging or Box Shelves

hanging box shelves

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Hanging shelves are also a good alternative to kitchen cabinets. These look like open cabinets that allow you to display your kitchen tools while still giving you the storage space that you need.

And if you’re not quite ready to let go of kitchen cabinets altogether, you can add box shelves among or under your cabinets. Doing so breaks the plain cabinet design and makes it more refreshing to look at. It’s also a great way to have extra storage space while still keeping your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Kitchen With No Uppers

kitchen with no uppers

Image source: DecorPad

You also have the choice to forego upper kitchen cabinets altogether. Not having upper cabinets makes your kitchen space look bigger. It’s perfect for the people who would prefer working in more open environments instead of being confined in a room.

You can add windows in place of cabinets to make your kitchen brighter and more welcoming. Or you could hang up some art pieces on the wall for inspiration and aesthetics.

Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily have to give up storage space for a kitchen with no uppers. You can always relocate storage underneath your kitchen island. Drawers and cabinets under an island would actually be a great use of space!

Invest in some cabinet hardware to make your storage space complement the other design elements in your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2022

Double Islands

double kitchen islands

Image source: Toronto Designers

You might want to consider double kitchen islands for your next renovation project. These are a great way to separate your food preparation area from your work area.

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you could opt for double islands to define the purpose of the space and avoid confusion. The specific function of a space tends to get compromised, especially with one too many people using it.

Double islands could set boundaries and make your kitchen more functional even when several people use it at the same time. You can cook your food without disturbing and invading the space of a housemate that’s working on the other island.

Walk-In Pantry

kitchen pantry

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Another great home improvement to invest in is a walk-in pantry.

Ever come across a video of someone restocking their groceries? Didn’t you ever wish it could be you, too? With a walk-in pantry, it could be possible. It allows you to stock up on groceries without having to make several trips to the supermarket often.

If you have the space and the budget for it, a walk-in pantry could give you a good return on your investment. It’s also a strong selling point should you wish to sell your house later on.

A walk-in pantry could even double as a home office. If you work better in closed spaces, this could be a better option than your kitchen island.

If space would be a challenge, you can opt for hidden or built-in pantries instead. The important thing is that you’ll have a place to store all your groceries away. This prevents them from being all over the place and cluttering your space.

Wood Finishes

wood finishes

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As part of the trend of bringing the outdoors in, wood finishes will also be more common in the kitchen.

It gives off a rustic and natural vibe, and it could be very relaxing to see for someone who loves the outdoors.

Wood also goes well with most aesthetics. If you want to achieve that contemporary feel, wood will fit just right in. And even if you’re sporting a minimalist look for your modern home, a wood finish would make it more refreshing.

Expect to see more wooden countertops, stools, and cabinets among kitchens this year. Even walls and shelves could have a wood finish to give the kitchen a more outdoorsy feel.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is one of the most worthy rooms you can invest in your house. A kitchen renovation doesn’t always have to be big. You could simply replace small hardware like cabinet or door handles and it could already make a significant difference.

To recap, here are the kitchen cabinet trends we’ve seen for the past couple of years.

  • Open shelves. These are perfect for minimalist aesthetics. It also helps declutter your kitchen.
  • Hanging or box shelves. These fresh designs are perfect for those who aren’t ready to let go of their kitchen storage spaces.
  • Kitchen with no uppers. This is a great option for those who prefer less stuffy spaces while they work.