Locking Mailboxes Are Essential for Home Security, Here's Why

locking mailboxes

With the technology we have these days, people have almost forgotten about the existence of actual mail. Emails are just much more convenient and accessible these days. They get sent and received within seconds, too.


But still, physical mail exists. And you should pay just as much attention to it. Bills and card statements that come in the mail contain your private information. When left unattended, these might make you susceptible to identity crimes.


It’s important that you invest in a good-quality mailbox for your home. It gives you more security. Locking mailboxes are also becoming a thing in home design. You might want to consider it for your next home improvement project.

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Modern Mailboxes Have Security Features

Modern mailboxes have improved a lot from traditional ones. They’re now sleeker and more compact. There are smart mailboxes that you can control and monitor with your phone, too.

Here are some features to look for when choosing a mailbox for your home.

Lock Mechanism

A mailbox with a lock is already more secure than an open one. But you should also consider the locking mechanism of the mailbox you’re getting.

Look for the ones that are less likely to be opened with a lockpick. There are also options for a digital locking mailbox. But it might be more expensive and complicated.

Still, keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to go to lengths just to get your mail—that would simply be impractical.

The perfect mailbox is the one that’s hard to pick but easy to open with the right key.

Size and Material

The material of your mailbox is just as important. Even if it has an excellent locking mechanism, if it’s not sturdy enough, your security will still be compromised.

Look for mailboxes that are made of thick metals. These would be harder to tamper with.

Also, since you’re putting your mailbox outside your home, make sure it’s durable enough. It has to be able to withstand the changing weather. It should also be rust- and corrosion-resistant.

The size of your mailbox also matters. You might be able to save up on a small mailbox. But will it be able to hold your mail?

Choose the mailbox size depending on how much mail you get and how often you check on it. It would also be better if the opening on your mailbox isn’t big enough for a hand to slip into.


It’s important to consider where you’ll be placing your mailbox. Will you plant it on the ground or attach it to a wall?

Modern mailboxes are made to be installed on surfaces instead of standing alone. This is because detached mailboxes are easier to steal.

If you’re attaching the mailbox to a surface, make sure it’s sturdy enough. A concrete wall would be one of your best choices.

The screws you use to mount your mailbox should also be durable and hard to remove. If you have to use different screws from the ones that come with the mailbox, do it. It’s better to be sure.

Our Mailbox Collection

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Locking Mailboxes

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Identity theft, voice phishing, fraud, and scamming are common occurrences in today’s world. It happens both in emails and actual, physical mail. And that’s why it’s all the more important to have locking mailboxes outside our homes.

The cost of locking mailboxes is a small price to pay for security. At least you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing you’ve done preventive measures against possible identity crimes.

Again, here are the features to look for when choosing the right mailbox for you:

  • The lock mechanism should be hard enough to pick with, but easy enough to open with the right key.
  • The mailbox should be made of thick metals. It should also be big enough to hold all your mail.
  • The surface you mount your mailbox onto should be sturdy enough. The screws used to install the mailbox should also be durable and strong enough.