Functional Luxury Kitchen Elements You Need in 2022

luxury kitchen elements

If you’re planning to renovate your home this year, make sure you do it right. It’s easy to get lost in the endless options of elements you can add to your space. Before anything else, ask yourself: is it worth it? Will it increase your property value? If not, then it wouldn’t be such a practical investment.

Kitchen renovations are almost always worth the money. They do cost a lot, but with proper planning, they could yield high returns. When adding luxury elements to a kitchen, make sure they serve both form and function.

Here are some luxury kitchen upgrades that have practical functions.

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5 Luxury Kitchen Elements to Consider

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

luxury kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets provide storage. And extra storage space is always better. Whether you’re upgrading your cabinetry for a kitchen with no uppers or making room for more, this will always hit the functionality mark.

Luxury kitchen cabinets aren’t always the seamless and handleless ones that you might often see. They can be a color other than white and a material other than wood. Emerald green or black kitchen cabinets with gold accessories also scream elegance. A laminate or melamine cabinet surface could also look elegant in your kitchen.

Shaker-style or inset kitchen cabinets are also a good way to liven up otherwise flat-looking kitchen cabinetry. These are classic designs that work in both modern and traditional kitchens.

You can still go with handleless kitchen cabinets if you prefer those, but small details can make all the difference. Good-quality cabinet handles and drawer knobs have the power to boost your kitchen’s appeal.

Wine Storage Systems

wine storage systems

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What screams luxury kitchen better than a wine rack system?

Having your own wine rack or shelf in the kitchen instantly makes it look more expensive. Putting wine bottles on display not only makes them accessible to you but also adds to your luxury kitchen’s appeal.

Wine storage systems are also a functional addition to your kitchen. They let you store wine bottles the right way—horizontally and at room temperature.

There are different kinds of wine storage systems out there. Some attach to your wall and work as a shelf. Smaller racks can also be placed on tables or countertops. Others can even be built into your kitchen island or cabinetry.

Kitchen Islands with Seating

luxury kitchen island with seating

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Another luxury kitchen element you can add is a kitchen island with stools. A kitchen island can be used for many purposes including food preparation or dining area. It can also be used as a workspace that’s accessible for snacks and coffee.

Investing in a good kitchen island can make your kitchen more functional since specific areas can be defined. If your space is big enough, you can even add in a second kitchen island. With this, you can have a whole island for food-related purposes and another for work-related purposes.

Kitchen islands come in different surfaces like marble, granite, ceramic tile, and many more. They also come in different colors and finishes to fit any kitchen aesthetic.

Kitchen stools are an even more versatile element. You can go for wooden or metal stools and leave them as they are or you can also add cushions to make them more comfortable. You can also go for stools with armrests and backrests, depending on your needs.

All-Marble Aesthetics

all-marble kitchen aesthetic

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Using a single material for most of your kitchen’s surfaces makes it look cleaner and more luxurious. Matching kitchen islands, countertops, and even backsplashes marry these different elements together. They make your kitchen more seamless and pleasant to look at.

An all-marble aesthetic also screams luxury. Marble is always cool to touch since it has poor heat retention and conduction properties. This means that even if you put a boiling hot pan directly on it, it won’t absorb the heat and will stay cool. It’s still better to put a pot-holder underneath to be sure.

Marble could get scratched more easily than granite, though. It might not be the best idea to cut or chop ingredients without a chopping board. It also tends to absorb liquids. If you spill something on a marble surface, it would be best to wipe it off immediately to avoid stains.

A lot of modern kitchens mix and match different colors and surfaces to create a stunning and unique look. Marble pairs up well with wood, soapstone, or engineered quartz. It helps you achieve even very specific kitchen aesthetics.

Double Kitchen Sinks

double kitchen sinks

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Double kitchen sinks are also becoming a kitchen trend. The partition that a double sink has can define its purposes better. You can wash food like fruits and vegetables on one side while using the other as an area for dirty dishes. You can also connect your garbage disposal to one sink for more convenience.

You can opt to have two faucets as well—one for each sink. If there are several people who tend to use the kitchen at the same time, having two faucets would be more time-efficient and practical. They can use the sinks at the same time without disturbing each other. Double sinks may also be helpful if you have a child that you’re teaching to cook.

Having a double kitchen sink makes your kitchen a tad bit more luxurious. Stainless steel faucets come in different shapes and sizes. There are also gold or black faucets that give your kitchen a more elegant look.

How Much Does a Luxury Kitchen Cost?

Now, all these might seem like the perfect idea. But how much does a luxury kitchen really cost? Well, it depends on the type of kitchen renovation.

Of course, there’s the cost of the furniture and appliances that you buy for your luxury kitchen. There’s also the shipping or delivery fee, especially if you’ve ordered online. Then, you should factor in labor costs for the renovation.

These could add up to around $50,000–$100,000, maybe even more. It’s important to discuss it first with an interior designer or other professionals so that you know exactly what you’re working with.

Should You Invest in a Luxury Kitchen?

Kitchen renovations are worthy investments that increase your home’s value. If you have the means, turning your kitchen into a luxurious one would benefit you in more ways than one. If it’s way off your budget, maybe try smaller renovations or more affordable options. Here are other 2022 kitchen trends you might be interested in.

To recap, here are five luxury kitchen elements to consider for your next renovation:

  • Luxury kitchen cabinets for storage
  • Wine storage systems for your wine collection
  • Kitchen islands with seating for a more defined area
  • All-marble aesthetics for a more appealing kitchen
  • Double kitchen sinks for efficiency