Simple But Elegant: Piet Boon's Functional Luxury Decor

piet boon luxury decor showroom

Studio Piet Boon works on both interior and exterior designs. They have their roots in Amsterdam, but they work on designs worldwide.

Their team consists of designers, architects, and stylists that work towards achieving simplicity and elegance in every project. Studio Piet Boon is also known for coming up with authentic and timeless designs.

They also design products that people can buy for their own homes. These range from major fixtures such as countertops to minor ones such as door accessories. All these products are laced with Studio Piet Boon’s identity and expertise.

Header Image source: Studio Piet Boon

Piet Boon Product Design

Studio Piet Boon designs pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They pride themselves on using rich and natural materials in designing their products.

One of the main features of Piet Boon products is comfort. They strive to give the same level of comfort for outdoor tables and chairs. They treat the outdoors as an extension of the indoors.

Piet Boon also has a wide selection of window treatments and wall coverings that are sure to make your home look and feel luxurious. Their couches and coffee tables are also designed to be timeless and simple.

In the kitchen and dining area, the studio offers functionality. They design tables and chairs that enrich the quality of time that people spend in these parts of the house. They also offer customizable countertops and accessories that could cater to specific style preferences for all types of homes.

Studio Piet Boon also believes in bedrooms and bathrooms being places of retreat and relaxation. That’s why they only provide the best products that maximize aesthetic appeal and tranquility.

Home offices are also touched by Studio Piet Boon. They provide people with innovative products that help them be at their most productive state even at home.

Piet Boon Products We Carry

At Bradford Hardware, we are committed to giving you high-quality products for your home. Here are some Piet Boon products that we carry in our stores.

One by Piet Boon T Cabinet Knob

piet boon t cabinet knob

This small, unassuming knob is a worthy upgrade for your cabinets. Whether you’re looking at kitchen or bathroom renovations, this could do wonders for your living space.

The T Cabinet Knob by Piet Boon is featured in their series ONE. It has a cylindrical shape for comfort and elegance. This knob is a timeless piece that could turn your cabinets from zero to a hundred in a snap.

It comes in a satin white, satin black, bronze, or stainless steel finish. The knob fits both traditional- and modern-style homes.

One by Piet Boon T Lever

piet boon t lever

The T Lever is a simple but innovative doorknob. Its eye-catching design would complement any home’s aesthetic. It comes in satin white, satin black, bronze, and stainless steel.

This lever could work as a dummy knob if you’re only using it for aesthetic purposes. It could also work as a simple door handle for common spaces at home. But if you’re looking for more security, the lever could also come with a privacy turn piece.

This makes it perfect even for front doors or bedrooms.

One by Piet Boon Lever

piet boon lever

This Piet Boon Lever—also from series ONE—is a timeless piece of door hardware. Its satin white, satin black, bronze, and stainless steel finishes make it perfect for any home. Whether you’re going for a vintage or modern look, this knob is worth the investment.

Like the T lever, you also have the option to order a privacy turn piece with it for added security. You can even choose if you need a left or right handle with this knob.

Luxury Decor

Luxury decor isn’t always chandeliers and big vases. Sometimes, they can be as minor as a doorknob or cabinet handle. Most people tend to neglect these small details when designing their homes. But remember that they could make such a difference to any interior.

Again, here are the Piet Boon products that we carry at Bradford Hardware:

  • T Cabinet Knob. A luxurious handle for bathroom or kitchen cabinets.
  • T Lever. An innovative design for front doors or bedrooms.
  • Lever. A timeless doorknob for home offices or bathrooms.