5 Types of Vanity Lighting That Will Impress Your Guests

types of vanity lighting

Lighting can make such a difference to any space. It can turn a mediocre home into a luxurious one with the right tweaks. Whether you’re thinking about a chandelier or a desk lamp, lighting is a detail that should be carefully considered when designing your home.

The vanity mirror is a staple bathroom accessory. Besides the standard functions of a mirror, it also makes you feel beautiful and luxurious. So, it’s only right to invest in top-quality lighting fixtures to make sure your vanity mirror leaves a lasting impression.

Bradford Hardware offers a wide selection of lighting fixtures that they have carefully curated. You’ll find only the best products to go with your bathroom vanity mirror. Check out these vanity lighting styles that everyone loves.

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5 Types of Vanity Lighting from Bradford Hardware

Linear Chandelier

linear chandelier

Linear chandeliers are commonly seen suspended over rectangular dining tables or kitchen islands. They work best for long and narrow spaces as they give an ample amount of light to these areas with just one fixture.

And this is exactly why they also work for vanity mirrors. A linear chandelier over a bathroom vanity mirror allows you to have an equal amount of light in any part of the mirror. It brightens the whole bathroom, with the focus being on the mirror.

It instantly makes your bathroom look and feel more luxurious. But more than that, it could also make your guests feel flattered with such a bright light illuminating their best features.

Delta Pendant

delta pendant

Pendant lighting is also suspended from the ceiling using a wire. These only have one lightbulb at the end, which is why people tend to use several units with varying heights in a single area.

Pendant lights are common in smaller dining tables or kitchen islands. They can also be placed on corners of the house to light up a sculpture or painting.

The Delta Pendant from Bradford Hardware works well for a vanity mirror. If you find the linear chandelier too harsh, this pendant light gives you a softer glow.

Tunnel Sconce

tunnel sconce

Sconces are one of the best types of vanity lighting. They are the perfect balance between bright and moody lighting.

Sconces are commonly used as accent lighting, especially as bedside lamps.  They usually direct light upwards and outwards, making them less harsh and direct.

This tunnel sconce could set the mood for your vanity mirror. It illuminates the space just enough to achieve a dramatic effect on your bathroom. The rounded form of the light also breaks away from the sharpness of your mirror’s edges.

Crosby Ceiling Light

crosby ceiling light

Vanity lighting doesn’t always have to be too close to your mirror. Ceiling lights could give your mirror a luxurious feel even when they don’t directly illuminate it. Flush mount ceiling lights are often used as a light source without gaining too much attention.

These are perfect for giving off that feeling of luxury in your home items rather than the lighting. Ceiling lights give a fair amount of lighting to the whole room so that everything is illuminated.

The Crosby Ceiling Light is perfect for a warm and dramatic look. Let your guests appreciate a stunning mirror design without getting distracted by the lighting. With this ceiling light, you can highlight the charm of your bathroom vanity without taking focus away from other elements in your bathroom.

Lantern Vanity

lantern vanity

A lantern vanity essentially works the same as sconces. It gives softer lighting to your vanity mirror and gives it a warmer vibe.

Modern lanterns have been associated with luxury as they make spaces look more elegant. Using modern lanterns as vanity lighting could make your bathroom look cozier and more inviting for your guests.

This lantern vanity can be placed on your vanity mirror or right above it. It might work best on a frameless mirror, though. The unit itself is a little bulky with two lanterns and a bar connecting them. Using this unit with a framed mirror might make it too loud for your bathroom. But using it with a frameless mirror gives your space the right amount of detail.

How Elegant Lighting Changes a Room

As we mentioned above, lighting can make such a difference to any space. A lot of people tend to overlook lighting and focus on bigger renovations and home improvements instead. But sometimes, simply updating your lighting fixtures can already greatly transform your space.

Lighting is the main element that sets the atmosphere in your home. Cool and bright lights would work best for home offices or study areas of your home. They tend to improve your focus and make you more alert. Warm and soft lights would work best for bedrooms and bathrooms. They tend to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

There are three main types of lighting—general, task, and accent. General lighting is the main light source of any room. This is usually a ceiling light or a chandelier. Task lighting is for doing certain tasks like cooking, working, or reading. This comes in the form of pendant lights and desk lamps. Accent lighting is for directing focus to a certain part of a room such as an artwork or sculpture. This could be a sconce or a lantern.

Investing in classic lighting fixtures makes your home look more elegant. Know which type of lighting serves your intended purpose best. Should you go for warm or cool lighting? Do you want general, task, or accent lighting? They convey different vibes that could affect the atmosphere in your room. Make sure to think about it carefully.

Choosing the Right Vanity Lighting

Choosing the perfect vanity lighting depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to highlight your mirror design, go for accent lighting. If you often use your vanity mirror for doing makeup, go for task lighting. If you want to highlight the functionality of your mirror, go for general lighting.

To recap, here are the five types of vanity lighting from Bradford Hardware that will impress your guests:

  • Linear Chandelier for a bright and stunning vanity.
  • Delta Pendant for functional makeup vanity.
  • Tunnel Sconce for setting a warm mood for your vanity.
  • Crosby Ceiling Light for directing focus to your vanity without taking away from other elements in the bathroom.
  • Lantern Vanity for adding detail to frameless vanity mirrors.