Choosing Cabinet Hardware - Tip's and Tricks

 One of the easiest ways to refresh and update your space is by updating your cabinet hardware. The options are endless and make for a super simple DIY. From decorative knobs to modern pulls, you can find the perfect hardware to fit your individual style. In this article, we will explore the many different options that you will have for you to find your best fit.

Types of Cabinet Hardware

  • Cabinet pulls: a very modern option that offers a clean, minimal look. These are easy to instal and offer a stable opening for your cabinet and drawers.
  • Cabinet knobs: this is a classic option that allows you to pick from a wide variety of designs and takes up a smaller amount of space on your cabinet front.

Cabinet hardware choosing Pulls or Knobs

Are you confused about whether or not to use knobs or pulls? What about both? What you need to do is set a rule.

Rules for using Knobs or Pulls:
1. All Pull.
2. All Knobs.
3. Knobs on uppers and pulls on lower cabinets.
4. Knobs on door and pulls on drawers. 
5. Pulls on door and knobs on drawers.
Position Cabinet Hardware
Rule of Thirds
You've decided on a rule. Now, I know what you're going to say. What size cabinet pull should you use on your drawers? 
At Bradford, we like to use the rule of thirds. Measure your drawer and divide that number into 3. Use this measurement for your drawer pulls.  
What cabinet hardware size for drawers


Important Things to Consider

  1. Spacing: This is an extremely important element in picking your hardware. Consider your cabinet fronts when you are picking out your hardware. Do you have any trim around your cabinet front that might impact the placement? If your cabinet fronts have an elaborate trim around the edge, it might be a better choice to go with a smaller knob than a wide pull.
  2. Type of Cabinet: How many doors vs. drawers are in your area? What are your most frequented cabinets? If you are frequenting drawers more than cabinets with doors, sticking to a sturdier pull option might be better fit. 

You’ve now done a survey of your space and evaluated your needs. Once you have decided on the look and feel you are going for in your space, it is time to find the exact design for you. Check out our large selection of cabinet hardware to find the perfect choice for your space! Maybe you go for a sleek modern bar pull that will create the ideal minimalist look? Or maybe you go for a geometric knob that plays on your artistic side. Our team is more than happy to help you find the perfect piece for your space.


Cabinet knobs positioning
Cabinet Hardware Knob Positioning


Tips for Installation

  1. Look for the Old: If you are doing a simple replacement of old hardware, look and see if the old holes on your cabinet suit your new type of hardware. This will make installation extremely easy and simple.
  2. Centre it up. Get out that ruler and make sure your holes are centre to your cabinet. Whether you are installing knobs or pulls, lining it up to the centre will create that clean finish. Of course, if you are getting an edge pull, line that up so that it’s straight to the edge of the door for the best look.

 Installing cabinet hardware should be simple and a fun task! Our team has a lot of experience and knowledge on how to install hardware to make your space feel new. Don’t hesitate to stop by our store or send us an email and ask one of our expert staff on their tips for installation and recommendations on hardware