Yes, the products listed on our online store are our most popular items and a minimal amount of what we offer. Each of our Manufactures have a full spectrum of products that can be purchased directly from us and can be viewed on our Brands Page.

We represent more than 70 manufacturers from all around the world and offer thousands of specialty hardware products, which is why, unfortunately, we do not stock samples of all of our products. We do our best to make sure we keep up with the latest trends and have the finest hardware on display in our Vancouver showroom. So, feel free to come visit us and see, touch and feel the pieces you have set your eyes on. We offer a great sample discount if you want to order a sample for your project.

Yes, most of the brands we work with offer custom-made hardware that can be tailored to your exact specifications. Give us a call, shoot us an e-mail or come see us in our showroom to talk details.

We normally notify you once all your items have been received and your order has been fulfilled. However, if you wish to be notified as your items are received, please let us know at the time of your order and we will notify you accordingly. If you decide to pick-up or have your items shipped prior to your order being fulfilled, all balances must be paid in full prior to releasing and additional shipping charges may apply.

If the manufacturer has the items you want to purchase available, we can accommodate an expedited request in most cases.However, if you have ordered custom made hardware, this can vary as it will depend on the manufacturer’s production schedule and product availability at the time.

This will mainly depend on the status of your order at the time of your request. If your order has not been processed or shipped yet, in most cases, we will be able to add more items of your choice to your existing order.

We are sorry that you want to cancel your exquisitely designed hardware, but we get it - sometimes you simply change your mind. Canceling your order will depend on its status at the time of your request. If your order has not been processed or shipped yet, in most cases, we will be able to cancel it.

The processing and shipping time for your order from the manufacturer depends on several factors. Variables such as when your order was placed, whether it is in stock, its size, the manufacturer’s current production schedule, weather conditions, Canada Border Services Agency, etc. all play a role in your order’s ETA.

Our ETA timelines are based on the current delivery conditions and expectations. We can also perform a stock check with our manufacturer at the time of your order and provide a more accurate ETA if needed.

We’re afraid not. We are the authorized dealer for our manufacturers’ products in Canada. All ordering and purchasing must be performed by Bradford Hardware.

Unfortunately, no. We are the authorized dealer for our manufacturers’ products in Canada. Shipments for all orders must be received and inspected by Bradford Hardware.

Yes, of course. However, note that we do require notification in writing prior to releasing your order. Plus, all balances must be paid in full. We are not responsible for your order once it has left our facilities.

Unfortunately, no. All product warranty will be subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

We’re sorry to inform you that we do not accept returns or exchanges due to a number of reasons. We offer a wide range of specialty products with custom ordering options from more than 70manufacturers from all over the world. In most cases, the products you have purchased have been specially ordered and designed according to your specifications.

Most of the manufacturers we work with do not offer refunds or exchanges and if they do, there is a considerable amount of restocking fees and return shipping fees that would apply. Furthermore, the import fees into Canada are not recoverable, which makes it very difficult to return or exchange products.

We have invested a lot of effort into creating a showroom and displays that will make our products easily accessible for our customers to come see them in person before purchasing. Feel free to visit us and find the ideal pieces of jewelry to enrich your home!