INTRODUCING: Colonial Bronze

Introducing Colonial Bronze, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable hardware products made in the USA for over 90 years. Their exclusive "Finishes for Life" guarantee ensures that any product protected by the clear coat will be free from tarnishing, discoloration, flaking, and pitting for as long as you own it. With thorough inspections and a range of customization options, Colonial Bronze offers a beautiful, sustainable choice for your hardware needs.
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Dual finishes on cabinet hardware involve using two different finishes on a single piece of hardware, which creates a contrast and adds a unique touch to the overall look of the hardware. 


Colonial Bronze Satin Brass Hardware



Colonial Bronze Finishes

Finishes so beautiful, so durable, 
they're guaranteed for life!

Colonial Bronze offers a limited lifetime warranty on its "Finishes for Life" clear coat protected products for interior use, which guarantees freedom from tarnishing, discoloration, flaking, and pitting. In case of failure, they will repair or replace it, but damages from shipping, installation, chemical use, or improper cleaning agents are not covered.



Colonial Bronze's custom bespoke options enable you to create truly unique and personalized hardware for your space, while maintaining the highest standards of American craftsmanship and quality. Their bespoke options include choosing from an industry-leading variety of finishes to match your desired aesthetic, as well as the ability to create custom sizes, dimensions, and center-to-center spacing to fit your unique space requirements. Additionally, you can customize the projection and other design elements of their standard products to better suit your needs. With a commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, Colonial Bronze handcrafts each piece in their Connecticut factory, ensuring a high level of quality control throughout the manufacturing process.