INTRODUCING: Maha Alavi Studio

We're thrilled to introduce our latest collection with the talented Toronto-based industrial designer, Maha Alavi. Drawing inspiration from global geographies like Berlin, Tokyo, and Singapore, Maha's designs beautifully encapsulate the balance between industry and nature.


Maha Alavi Collection of Hardware
Maha Alavi: A Synonym for Exquisite Decorative Hardware Maha's design philosophy, enriched by her academic background in philosophy and psychology, brings a fresh perspective to the decorative hardware industry. Her fascination with the transformative power of hardware pieces on spaces and interiors is evident in her debut hardware series, CERCLE.



Found of Maha Alavi Studio


Craftsmanship Meets Elegance Every piece in the Maha Alavi collection epitomizes the pinnacle of decorative hardware design. Maha's hands-on approach results in hardware that boasts modern aesthetics while echoing timeless elegance. Each item is meticulously handcrafted, radiating a luxurious warmth and finesse.


Cercle Cabinet Knob Round Large Maha Alavi Whiskey Glass 


Sustainability: A Commitment, Not Just a Trend In the world of decorative hardware, Maha Alavi stands out with her unwavering commitment to sustainability. From employing recycled metals to championing sustainable manufacturing practices, every piece is a testament to eco-friendly luxury.


Explore the Pinnacle of Decorative Hardware Dive into the world of premium decorative hardware with the Maha Alavi Studio. Check out the entire collection to discover pieces that redefine elegance.