Pull Life Open


JWL was created by an architect and interior designer in firms that specialize in residential home design.Seeing a need for an elegant but durable finish on areas of the home that take the most wear and tearbecame clearly obvious. Adding a clean lined contemporary aesthetic to a design that encompasses this mandate for durability brought the JeweL line to fruition.

From an environmental standpoint, JWL recognizes that having high quality, beautifully designed and well constructed hardware in your home will negate the need to replace inferior hardware prematurely. Our brushed and polished finishes are not plated. Only the pure natural properties of stainless steel continually reveal themselves over decades of use. Providing a timeless design criteria to this high level of craftsmanship will ensure that JWL hardware will stand the test of time.

Let your creativity lead you to a wide array of configuration options that can make your interior unique to you. JWL is passionate about design and committed to providing a superior product. They stand by every piece of hardware that has been meticulously designed and crafted for your home

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