Liquid Systems

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Liquid Systems is a premium, North American made wine racks system.
Precision-manufactured architectural hardware, our product elevates any collection to the level it deserves.

Mono Series

This compact, minimalist storage solution is comprised of single aluminum, wall mounted plates. You can purchase one or a multitude for a unique wall mounted display.

Classic Series

Our striking wall mounted posts are our most popular product. Custom lengths and fin options for any size and type of project or display.

Exclusive Series

Our custom-length, floor to ceiling mounted solution allows for a free-standing display with storage on one or both sides.

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LS Mono Series
Liquid Systems
from $99.00
LS Classic 4ft Series Single Depth
Liquid Systems
from $499.00
LS Classic 8ft Series Single Depth
Liquid Systems
from $999.00

Customize your Wine Room

Precision designed aluminum fins in 13 annodized colours with LED light pad options

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