HOT Trend Alert! Custom-Made Modern Wine Rack Systems

custom wine rack systems

Wine has always been associated with luxury and elegance. And maybe that’s why it has also become a staple at dinner parties.

While it may not be for everyone, there’s no denying that wine bottles are nice to look at. Even if you won’t drink them, it would make for a great statement piece in your dining area.

Don’t let anything stop you from expressing your creativity with your wine display. You can have a wine rack custom made to fit your style. This way, it will be more personal and unique—more “you.”

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Display Your Favorite Bottles in a New Wine Rack System

If you feel like your home seems to be missing an art piece in your dining area, try installing a wine rack system. It’s the perfect way to showcase your wine collection for your guests to marvel at.

Wine racks are also practical. Sure, you could just place the bottles on a countertop or in your fridge. But it would be wrong to store them that way.

Storing bottles upright might dry up the cork and cause it to break. It might also suspend the sediments at the bottom of the bottle. Storing wine in a fridge for a long period of time also affects its taste.

You would want to store your wine bottles horizontally. This prevents the cork from drying out. And once you’re ready to drink the wine, whatever sediments that might have settled would mix with the wine again once upright.

Wine racks are also a cost-effective solution for storage. On a tight budget, it’s the much better option than, say, a wine cabinet or cellar. Wine racks are compact and easy to install.

You get storage space for your wine collection and also a centerpiece for your dining or bar area at home.

Types of Wine Racks From Bradford Hardware

At Bradford hardware, we offer only the best wine racks out there. While there may be limited options online, you can look for a local branch that can make wine racks to your liking.

Triple Depth

triple depth wine rack

This triple depth wine rack is perfect for displaying multiple bottles of the same wine. It’s made of clear and black anodized metal for durability. It mounts on any wall easily and is strong enough to hold the weight of your wine bottles.

You can finally stock up on your favorite wine and have a place for all of them on display. It also works if your favorite wine brand has different flavors or if you like the same flavor but with different brands.

A triple depth rack is an efficient way to store your favorite wine variations. It makes your wine collection look more appealing. It could help you find a specific wine easier, too. Just devise a system for your own accessibility.


freestanding wine rack

A freestanding wine rack is perfect for your bar countertop. This also lets you display three bottles at a time, especially if you want all of them to be visible. This wine rack comes with an oak or walnut base. You could also choose between clear or black for the body.

Even if you only have a small wine collection, that doesn’t mean you can’t display it anymore. A wine rack system isn’t always extravagant. It could also be compact and simple.

A freestanding wine rack placed on a countertop is sure to catch people’s attention. It’s also less intimidating to look at. So, chances are they’ll pay more attention to your little collection.

8-ft. Single Depth

tall wine rack storage

This 8-ft. single depth wine rack is perfect for your extensive wine collection. It’s also made of clear and black anodized metals to make it sturdy. This is one of the customizable designs we have. Get in touch with a local dealer for more details.

This wine rack could hold up to 18 bottles. It’s a great use of vertical space in any home. It could be installed on a square pillar or any wall you want.

It’s also easy to put several units side by side to make your collection look more luxurious. Or you could place them in different parts of your home, too.

Wine Rack Systems

Treat your wine collection like the art it should be. A wine rack system could make your house look more put together. It also gives you an efficient way to store your wine bottles that you would’ve otherwise kept hidden and upright in your fridge or cabinet.

Again, here are the wine racks we have at Bradford Hardware:

  • Triple depth. These are perfect for storing multiple bottles of the same variation or brand.
  • Freestanding. These are perfect for small collections. When placed on countertops, they are sure to catch people’s attention.
  • 8-ft. single depth. These are perfect for extravagant wine collections. They also save space and give your home a nice luxurious feel.