Oval Knob in Flat Black installed on a white cabinet
Oval Knob or hook in white bronze installed on a white cabinet
Oval Knob or hook installed on a white cabinet made by Maha Alavi
Oval cabinet knob in black sitting on the floor infront of a stucco wall.
Oval cabinet knob or hook in flat black with half round cabinet knob
Cabinet knobs in half moon and oval in a shower with water dripping down
Oval cabinet knob and half round cabinet knob with shadow and on wood floor
Oval knob in polished bronze on wood butcher block
Oval Cabinet knob in black sitting on stop of a piece of wood.
Maha Alavi collection Fauna tissue holders shown with oval cercel and half round knob
Cercle cabinet knob in half round and oval in flat black with water drops
Oval knob from Maha Alavi in Polished White Bronze placed on a news paper
Oval Cercle cabinet knobs in polished bronze shown with the half moon round knob

Oval Knob or Hook


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Introducing the OVAL Knob & Hook by Maha Alavi, a harmonious blend of classic design and artisanal craftsmanship. Its squared edges and meticulous detailing evoke a craftsman's touch, while the organic oval shape offers a universally appealing aesthetic. Available in finishes of polished natural bronze, gleaming white bronze, or a sophisticated matte black, the OVAL Knob & Hook effortlessly elevates any space with its refined presence.

Its versatile design allows for both vertical and horizontal installations, making it an ideal choice as a statement wall hook or a chic cabinet knob. Each piece is cast from premium solid bronze and undergoes a detailed hand-finishing process in a family-owned foundry in South Asia, ensuring unparalleled quality and authenticity in the realm of decorative hardware.

Size: 2.0" H x 1.0" W x 1.3" D

Oval Knob or Hook Spec Sheet

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