Round Ball Knob in Gunmetal Finish made by Maha Alavi
round ball knob in flat white by Maha Alavi Collection of Hardware
Round ball Knob in white bronze on a white wall
Ball Knob perfectly round installed on a white wall in White Bronze
Round ball knob made by Maha Alavi in Sandblasted Bronze
Round ball knob in flat black
Round Ball knob by Maha Alavi in Polished Bronze
Large Round Ball Knob in Bronze finish installed on a white cabinet
Large Round ball knob in white bronze on a white cabinet
large round knob in flat black
Blurry ball knob photo in polished bronze on a modern round table
Ball knobs in a blurry artistic photo
Ball knob in satin bronze placed on a ridged rock
Small Ball knob in satin bronze sitting on a vintage white leather sofa
Oval, half moon and ball knob in flat black sitting on a chair
Small Ball knobs with vintage spoon and round eggs
Ball knob placed on a table with a doillie
fauna and cercle collections set on a table with the candle holder
Large and small ball knobs
Large and small round cercle collection with the Anjou candle holder
Large ball knob in polished bronze sitting on a chair with a scotch glass
Large Cercle Ball knob in Polished BRonze
Large Ball knob sitting nestled in 2 rocks sitting on top of each other
Cercel large ball knob and thick and thin pulls with the anjou candle holder sitting on top of a wood sidetable on top of brick floor.
Large Cercle Pull, thin and large ball knob
Cercle Large and thin cabinet pulls sitiing on modern table in front of a white staircase
Fauna Towel Bar sitting on soft sofa with large cercle ball knob and fauna hook

Cercle Round Knob


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Discover the art of decorative hardware with the CERCLE Round Cabinet Knobs by Maha Alavi. Available in both small and large sizes, these knobs are a testament to the beauty of geometric design. As part of the esteemed CERCLE series, each knob is thoughtfully crafted to be both visually striking and tactilely pleasing. Their substantial weight and playful proportions make them a standout addition to any cabinetry, demanding attention while offering a comfortable grip.

Meticulously cast from premium solid bronze in curated batches, these knobs exude luxury and durability. Each piece undergoes a detailed hand-finishing process, revealing a spectrum of rich tones that complement a variety of interiors. Proudly crafted in a family-owned foundry in South Asia, the CERCLE Round Cabinet Knobs embody the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design in the world of decorative hardware.

Small Size: Ø 0.75"

Large Size: Ø 2"

Cercle 3/4" Small Knob Spec Sheet

Cercle 2" Large Knob Spec Sheet

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