Fauna Wall Hook in White Bronze
Fauna Wallhook in flat black installed on a white cabinet
Fauna wall hook in polished bronze
Maha Alavi Fauna and cerle collection
Fauna collection close up of the hook
Hook for Fauna collection
Fauna hook installed with towel hanging
Maha Alavi collections of hardware
Fauna towel and tissue holder
Fauna collection wall hook and towel bar
Fauna wall hook and towel bar shown on a soft sofa with a large ball knob
Hook and rock with towel bar in behind

Fauna Wall Hook


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Transport yourself to the serene mountain ranges of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, with the FAUNA Wall Hook by Maha Alavi. Evoking memories of a golden hour hike, where the sun's radiant glow illuminated meadows adorned with wildflowers, this bathroom accessory is a harmonious blend of femininity, timelessness, strength, and organic design.

The FAUNA Wall Hook stands out not only as a functional piece of art, perfect for showcasing both daily essentials and cherished items, but also as a testament to nature-inspired craftsmanship. For a cohesive and elevated bathroom ambiance, pair it with the complete FAUNA collection.

Meticulously crafted, this wall hook boasts a living finish that gracefully matures and evolves with the changing seasons, infusing a touch of nature's rhythm into your bathroom decor.

Size: 3.0" H x 1.0" W x 2.3" D

Fauna Wall Hook Spec Sheet

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