System M + Pivot Hinge in Black

System M + Pivot Hinge in Black


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System M with Friendly Access 

Finish: Black (Image does not represent actual finish)

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To ensure the pivot hinge provides the appropriate movement for your door, System M is available in six models suited to the weight and width of the door.


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Spec Sheet

Technical Drawing (DWG)

Technical Detail 70mm 

Technical Detail 40mm 

Milling and Mounting 

Tech Spec with Top Pivots

Fine Tuning Card

System M+ takes the System M pivot hinge range to a new level. This adjustable pivot hinge brings Latch Control to ensure proper latching, guaranteed control over the movement of doors up to 500 kg, and extra adjustability for the movement of the door. System M+, like System M, is equipped with motion technology which creates and controls the movement of the pivot door.

System M and System M+

  • Hold positions at 0°, 90° and -90°
  • Damper Control

System M+

  • 30° Speed Control
  • Latch Control
  • Guaranteed control over the movement from 20 to 500 kg

    Load-bearing capacity

    System M+ is suitable for both light and heavy pivot doors covering a range between 20 and 500 kg

    Minimum door thickness

    40 mm or 50 mm, depending on the suitable model for your door measurements and weight.

    Minimum-installation dimensions around the door:

    Below: 11 mm Above: Minimum 4 mm, maximum 10 mm Door/closing side: Gap calculation

    Hold positions

    0˚, 90˚ and -90˚

    Minimum distance from the pivot point to the side of the door

    91 mm.

    Maximum door dimensions

    Unrestricted up to a maximum weight of 500 kg (System M+ model selector) 

    For any type of pivot door

    FritsJurgens System M is suitable for any type of pivot doors (interior and exterior pivot doors)

    Floating floors / suspended ceilings

    It is possible to fit a pivot door if the floor plate or ceiling plate is connected to the structural subfloor or ceiling.

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